Issue with editor and line feeds

Expected behavior

Linefeeds (paragraphs) should be visible and present in editor when composing a post.

Current behavior

After publishing a post or saving a draft the text in the editor stops displaying correctly and gets smooshed into one big paragraph. IE al CRLFs are removed in the editor.

The post initially appears correctly in preview or in the actual blog display, but saving the post again removes the CRLFs…apparently since they are no longer present in the editor after being stripped out. So then the problem is locked in to the actual content.

The issue is present in both visual and text parts of the editor.

I have tried this in Google Chrome and Chromium Edge and Firefox.

The issue seems to be related to 1.4.0 update as everything was fine before then.

Possible solution

I may try to see if there are editor plugins that will let me resume editing.

Steps to reproduce

Create a post then save a draft or publish the post. The CRLFs will be removed when the editor refreshes.

View a previously published post. The CRLFs will be removed when displaying in the editor.

Re-save any existing post and the CRLFs will be permanently removed.


You essentially can’t create content as you have to constantly reformat with CRLFs. Or you have to write it all at once without saving.


Work on this issue is going on and soon will be solved in version 1.4.1.

@mikeshaw You can install the Enriched Editor and check the box to “preserve tags”. This will solve the issue.


Thank you @simone and @Aussie for the quick response!

Enriched editor has me back in shape and I’ll be on the lookout for 1.4.1. Again, thanks!


Just for completeness, I changed themes a couple of times with the same result. I’m running no plugins so far.

As a workaround, if I use the text editor and use 2 newlines my paragraphs are preserved.

Updating to version 1.4.1 solves the problem.

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As Tim mentioned, upgrading to 1.4.1 will fix the issue. I will set this topic to close in 7 days, but do let us know if you continue to have problems.

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