Issues with links in footer

Noticed a couple small issues with the footer here on the site.

The links for Privacy, TOS, and About pages seem a little jam-packed together. These links also don’t have a hover color, so it takes some “work” to determine if it’s a single link or several. A tiny bit of additional space between the links would help, without being so “heavy” as inserting separators. If space is an issue, the anchor text could probably be truncated to Terms in the same way that the Privacy Policy is simply listed as Privacy. The leading “s” in service should also be capitalized to match the text on the terms page (ie, Terms of Service).


One more tiny thing: at the right-hand side of the footer, there’s a link to Slack. The URL is pointing to Slack’s TLD, rather than the CP/Slack signup page; I believe this may have been an oversight.

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Thanks @Code_Potent for noticing those! I have updated the links as suggested (& fixed the slack link), and am working on the hover colour now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Man, you’re quick on the draw - looks great on this end!

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For accessibility reasons, is it possible to add to these items an underline on hover? (I see that focus is already catered for with an outline.)

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I will add that to my to-do list for tomorrow, should be really simple to implement!

@timkaye Never mind, I got to it now. Was just two lines in the css file, so now all links in the footer should have an underline on hover :slight_smile:

Excellent – thanks!