jQuery 3 support


Hello everyone.

WordPress 5 only supports jQuery 1 while the rest of web development world have moved to jQuery 3 long time ago. One most trivial use case is spicing up your front-end with Bootstrap 4. This may be made to work but it can break with any random plugin or WordPress update.

Given that Classic Press is already a break away from WordPress legacy, it must be feasible to have it run with jQuery 3 for users who are happy to use a limited subset of compatible plugins.

What would be your thinking on this?

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They use jQuery 1 with migrate plugin to add backcompatibility but their support is mainly for IE.
So this open a new discussion about browser support and we started a discussion about browser policy -> https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues/61


@Mte90 that issue is mostly about documentation for our browser support policy. In terms of IE, we officially support IE 11 and higher.

@mkrivoshein I’d like to keep ClassicPress more up to date that WordPress regarding dependencies like jQuery. I think the problem with this upgrade is that it will break a lot of plugins and themes.

Maybe a good way to start is to make a plugin that replaces the version of jQuery, and make that available for use and testing so that we can figure out what will break.


I think there are some plugins that replace version of jQuery. However this needs to be done at WordPress level, not just at plugin level. My thinking is more about allowing an administrator to select which version of jQuery the instance should be using. Very much like you can select which version of PHP your site should run on within your hosting account settings.


I’ve seen this also. It’s a really bad practice and a brazen, self-serving thing to do. Changing the jQuery version will almost always break something. Then, the guilty plugin works just fine, so, the user is sent off on a wild goose-chase trying to solve the problem in places where it doesn’t exist.

You’ll have to ask the WordPress folks about WordPress. :wink:

I don’t see a problem with that – it gives the end user complete control. On the other hand, I wouldn’t add the functionality to core. Probably 99% of users will be fine with the version that ClassicPress bundles, making this more suitable as a plugin.

These are just my opinions on it. You are always free to raise a petition.