Keyboard paste DNF, Not Solely a CP issue

I use an older version of OS X and Seamonkey. At a certain point back in the upgrade chain, Cmd-v stopped working when composing Posts or Pages or Text Widgets in Visual tab.

I thought it was Gutenburg or one of my content-theft-blocking plugins and just used the contextual menu.

Today I turned off the likely plugins and tried again, now that I’m back to 4.9.x with CP.

Expected behavior

Try to paste with Cmd-v in Visual mode in Posts, Pages, or Widgets.

Current behavior

Menubar blinks to indicate clipboard being accessed, but paste does not appear in text editing box.

It does paste when Text tab is selected in all cases.

Possible solution

I think this is my fault, but I’ve run out of things to try. Hoping that someone else fought with this and won. And will share which kind of garlic or silver dagger is needed.

Steps to reproduce

Provide a link to a live example, or an unambiguous set of steps to reproduce
this bug. Include code to reproduce, if relevant.

  1. Open any Post or Page or Widget to edit in Visual mode
    2.Cmd-v to paste content of any kind


This is a minor issue that I thought was the result of Automattic’s changes to the Editor. There is no hurry on my part, no urgency.
How has this issue affected you? What are you trying to accomplish?
Providing context helps us come up with a solution that is most useful in the
real world.

I wonder if it’s the browser, or the browser/OS combination.
You can go to a TinyMCE demo page to eliminate CP from the equation.
You can go to a sandbox site to eliminate your particular plugins and site from the equation.
You can try a different browser and/or different device if the above still fail.
Be sure to use whatever key combination is listed in the Help for key shortcuts.

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Howdy, thank you for the ideas, much appreciated.

I have narrowed it to one browser versus my installs. Am looking through about:config for a potential answer.

I am wondering if one of my browser script-blocking plugins only blocks text insertion for some reason, so that is the next step.

One thing I noticed today, there is a tiny P in the lower left of the composing window. It disappears when I cmd-v, reappears when I click in the window. When my brain cools a bit, I’ll go look up what the P is about, thinking that it’s a focus indicator.

The P indicator is the element path. In the empty editor, that’s always P for paragraph. If you use headings, it will show H1 or H2, etc. If you style text, it shows you a path such as p > strong.

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