Leave a comment link should be hidden

Leave a comment link does nothing. It should be hidden until (or if) the comments/notes section will be available.

I think there was discussion about pointing them to the forums like the main site, I think that would be better.

We won’t have comments on the User Guides or Plugin Guidelines. This would get messy and not have valuable information.
On the Code reference instead, we might one day have comments, but seeing what blunder sometimes is posted in the WP Code Reference in form of comments, and they do manually review those!, I think we shouldn’t.

I will remove that link as soon I have an actual server access, being this hopefully tomorrow.
Putting this on my todo list since there is no way in this forum to somehow tag things or “mark for later” :smiley:

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This should be resolved.
If you see any other “Leave comment” link please let me know, otherwise we can close.

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