Leaving Slack For Zulip - What You Need To Know

Originally published at: https://www.classicpress.net/leaving-slack-for-zulip/

ClassicPress has chosen Zulip as an open-source chat replacement for Slack. If you’re a Slack member, there is important information you should be aware of.


Great. I didn’t receive the password reset email yet.

Might be that it need more time to get to my inbox :smile:

May I have an invitation to join when the migration is complete.
(I rephrased it into a question)

We’re waiting on Zulip to complete the migration on their end. Once they do, they will send out the email. I’ll post here once it’s done, that way you know the emails is coming or have arrived already.

Of course. It will be open to join once the migration is complete. There will be a link available to join without an invitation.


The migration is complete. An email will go out in a few hours as we wrap up things inside.

@ElisabettaCarrara you can request a manual password reset email to log in.

@warzabidul you can register and log in now without an invitation.

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Password emails have been sent.


@viktor Is Zulip alright?

Does password reset leads to

Your account [email protected] has been deactivated. Please contact your organization administrator to reactivate it.

for some reason?

Here’s the password reset page:

That’s what I have found from inside the forum, but got an email letting me know that my account is deactivated and I need to contact my organization administrator to reactivate it.

Can we do something about it, if possible?