@eric, feel free to upload your letterhead concepts here. Check the Brand specifications post for more information. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @eric, we’ve now had a request for business cards as well – I created it as a separate item but these really should be created in tandem so – let me know how I can assist. Thank you!

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@BlueSkyPhoenix, What information needs to be present on the letterhead?

IMO, the letterhead needs the following:

Our logo
Our tagline:
The business-focused CMS
Powerful. Versatile. Predictable.

Let’s start there and see if others have feedback. I’ll tag @scott here because I know he has the most immediate need. Thank you!

In the footers we’d need our business number and address (which will be chabfin in the new year).

Business number is on the footer of the website :slight_smile:


@BlueSkyPhoenix, @scott, I’ve attached a letterhead option here (matching business card will be uploaded to that thread).

There are placeholders in the footer area. That can be changed to whatever is needed.

CP_Letterhead_option.pdf (52.7 KB)

Hi @eric – I’ll tag @scott here because he mentions that the address is changing … Scott, do we have a new address yet?

Eric, my only comment on this is that the footer needs to be centered a little more, and I think we can move it down a little bit as well, making the white space between the bottom line of text and the colored bar about half what it is now.

thank you!

Thank you, @BlueSkyPhoenix.

Revised letterhead is attached.

CP_Letterhead_option_rev1.pdf (52.7 KB)

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Yes! Better, thank you! We’ll wait for @scott to let us know what the new address is now, I think. Thanks for your work on this!

Is it OK if we leave the address out? It’s not an address people should be visiting


@scott, @BlueSkyPhoenix,

My apologies as it has been hectic and I wasn’t getting notifications like I expected.

I’ve attached the latest version.

CP_Letterhead_option_rev2.pdf (52.5 KB)


@eric this looks really good to me!

If there is a source file for this document (non-PDF) can you share that also? I do have another piece of feedback below, but I think it makes sense for us to make minor revisions ourselves rather than asking you to do it every time…

I see “Registration # 11549088” at the bottom, but there is little context for what this means. People reading that will be wondering “registered for what? where? or is this the registration number for this particular document somewhere?”

This is a UK registered company so I think this should this be something like “UK Company # 11549088”

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@james I was actually thinking the same thing.

I just sent you, @scott and @BlueSkyPhoenix a message with the link to download the files since the forums won’t allow a compressed file type.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Eric, thank you so much for doing this!



Again, my apologies for the delayed responses on my side.

I hope the files are helpful, but let me know if you need anything else.