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This came up in another topic. Does anyone have a list, or a link to a list, of themes that support PHP 8.0 or higher? My current theme, Newspaper by tagDiv will only work with PHP 7.4

Are you sure it doesn’t work on PHP 8? Its changelog includes fixes for PHP 8.1.

How are you changing PHP versions? At my host, simply changing the version in cPanel isn’t enough. I also have to select some optional modules to keep everything working properly.

I think the problem with the theme is that I’m using an OLDER version of the tagDiv Newspaper theme. I will be trying an update of the theme this coming week, to see if that works… the folks at tagDiv say that their latest version will work with PHP 8.0 and higher. We’ll see. ALSO, Tim; what optional modules are you referring to in the config file?

I’m not referring to a file; I’m referring to choices you can make in cPanel. But let’s see if the updated version of your theme works first.

Cool - I’ll let you know.

Tim - just updated the tagDiv NEWSPAPER theme to version 12.6.3; ran on test site, all went well (I did have to make a few changes to config.php, as you suggested, in order to get some of the features to work correctly). Captured test site, overwrote production site with that backup, tweaked a couple of plugins and all is working FINE (CP V2, nightly version, PHP 8.1). EXCELLENT!

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