Logo .eps available?

Not sure where to ask this, but are there eps versions of the Classicpress logo and icon available? We don’t need them immediately, but one of our designers asked about it, since that is the type of file they’d use if they ever need it in print.

Which logo do you want in .eps? I can just export them from Sketch in eps format :slight_smile:

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I need Logo-Gradient and Icon-Gradient, I don’t know if just the feather would ever be useful for us, but if that doesn’t take to much time, better save than sorry? Thank you in advance

Here you go :slight_smile: https://docs.classicpress.net/press-and-branding/

Those aren’t .eps :wink:

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Maybe once @wadestriebel has made them (Thanks again) you can add them to that page.
I know that in our industry (advertisement in both print and online) many people will try to find eps versions of company logos for use in their stuff. I always hear our designers complaining when there is no eps available.

PS. this is also an often employed place for finding logos, maybe I could take the time to submit them there if @scott is okay with that?


All files can be found here: https://classicpresslimited.box.com/s/x9aqqo1hkxrz5t4ftkcz6phsrijblzui

No EPS’s but there are some AI’s!

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I sent them through, @scott I can send you a zip of them to add to that account :slight_smile:

@scott also have a wetransfer here that you can use:


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I’ve moved this thread over to the new Design subforum.