Looking to make the switch

Given the recent changes in WordPress core with WP 5.5, as well as agency headaches to help our clients – fix what wasn’t broken – we have had enough.

I have queued the complete rebuild of our main agency website with ClassicPress, ClassicCommerce, and BeaverBuilder or SiteOrigin.

Then we’ll have a better idea of building new sites with ClassicPress moving forward.


Let us know if you have any questions or problems re Classic Commerce. We are close to the next release (RC1 I think).

And don’t forget my snippet collection. About 80 there now and all tested with CP/CC:



Thank you @ozfiddler. Yes I took CC for a spin already and it was good at that time. Look forward to seeing what other code snippets you added.

Just have to decide if we pull over our current theme with SiteOrigin as is (easiest option) or completely rebuild.


Assuming you are talking about Page Builder by SiteOrigin: I haven’t seen any reports of ClassicPress users using this, but it should work fine since the compatibility for the latest version is WP 4.7+.

Would be a good idea to reach out to them and ask them to keep support for WP 4.9+ and therefore ClassicPress anyway though.

It’s easy to change a site to CP and then back to WP if needed using our migration plugin. What may not always be so easy is changing from Woo to Classic Commerce, since we started from version 3.5.3 of Woo and from what I understand there have been some DB schema changes in later versions of Woo.

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Thanx @james. I’m not overly worried about going back to WooCommerce, but it is good to be aware. Thanx for pointing that out.

I already reached out to SiteOrigin a couple of times over the last year or so. They will keep 4.9 support for some time, but won’t make a firm commitment to support CP.


It’s gotta be Beaver Builder then.

With more than a little help from @Pross, Beaver Builder have committed to supporting ClassicPress and have confirmed compatibility on the WP repo.

I also got an email from Justin Busa, the lead developer at Beaver Builder, saying:

I talked to Simon about this and he pushed the change to the readme. Happy to help promote ClassicPress!

It’s a no brainer to me.


@1stepforward Agreed! Thank you.


Glad you made the switch, Welcome to the club, let’s have some fun :beer:


Thought this might interest you:

As we have our site built in Site Origin, migrating to CP would super easy! And we have an older theme that is WP 4.9 compatible. I’ve already tried ClassicCommerce (thank you @ozfiddler) and it works great! We can simplify our product subscriptions to products to easily accommodate CC.

Bada-boom! Scheduled to switch to CP for September. :slight_smile:


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I finally got around to this! After all the hassles with WP 5.5+ and jQuery Migrate issues, it was such a nice relief to install ClassicPress - so easy and light. We’ve decided to completely rebuild from scratch, so Beaver Builder it is, as we are going to be doing some pretty complex layouts. I’m excited. :wink: