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We have a wiki Currently Active Projects that is made sticky but I can’t see it in Projects - ClassicPress Forums
There is another sticky post which sometimes appears on top of the projects but I cut figure out by what rule it appears(randomly!?)

In any case, there should be only one sticky post and that should be the wiki I think, so it is immediately clear what’s going on

Can someone with the caps fix that?

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Hmmm I seem to be misunderstanding the “pin” icon, I thought it is indicating the topic is “sticky”, but it seems a personal setting

No matter - can we “pin/fix on top/feature/stick” the wiki somehow on top for all folks?

I think this has been asked before and, if I recall correctly, it sticks to the top until you read it.

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Hmmm I see. Not ideal, because even if I read it I will not remember it and might want to get back to it.
But better than what I suspected.

I think we can improve this by writing a bit of JavaScript that inserts this topic onto the appropriate pages in the forums. This code file is now loaded but currently returns a 404, I’ll host it and start on it later today.

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The code that makes this work is here: – forums-enhancements.js

To see it, you’ll need to open a new forums tab or do a full page reload, as opposed to just clicking links in an existing forums tab.


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