Manage comments for posts, pages, and CPTS in one place

Inspired by this other petition. The Comments admin menu item could have submenu items for each context that has commentability. When inactive, the menu would show:

Comments (21)

…and hovering or clicking reveals…

Comments (21)
  Posts (8)
  Pages (7)
  This CPT
  That CPT (4)
  Some CPT
  Other CPT (2)

…and each item would lead off to its corresponding comments admin page…

Additional Details

  • the current Comments item, slug, and position remain the same
  • all comments have a central, organized, point of management
  • existing top-level alert bubble can be repurposed to tally all comments
  • no risk of missing pending comments buried in arbitrary submenus
  • contextual submenus/totals improve UX
  • low learning curve; self-explanatory at-a-glance
  • no dashboard clutter involved

Possible implementation

A standalone plugin as a PoC would be a good start.

Will you be able to help with the implementation?

I can handle the standalone part. Can someone else handle the core part?


Excellent idea!


Looking forward to PoC


At this point, there’s no anticipated timeframe for a PoC since it’s not clear if more than a few people want this, or if anyone would help with core integration. When/if the petition receives 25 :heart:s, I’ll put it in my queue. :slight_smile:

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How can we vote?

For now just hearting the main post, we will be adding a voting plugin in the future :slightly_smiling_face: