March i18n meeting Agenda and doodle

EDITED TO ADD: I changed the doodle to open up more hours and set it so the timings are considered in one-hour slots instead of big slots.

Since last meeting, a decision was made about the tools needed for localization.

We discussed the opportunity of using a third-party service in place of GlotPress.
Despite GlotPress being potentially customizable to suit our needs, it requires us to slow the localization process down in order to achieve the platform set-up, and at present, being busy with preparing V2 and advancing V1 we do not have the manpower to set it up in a way that suits our needs completely.

Hence the decision was made to use Crowdin as our preferred tool for localization and first testing steps were taken.
We discovered Crowdin caters well to our needs, even if some issues were spotted that are now in the process of being resolved (thanks to @james that is handling the technical side of this).

Now we need to decide a roadmap for our localization goals so a meeting is in order to establish that and decide if we should share that somewhere to let users know that we are making progress (pros in sharing that is users may be willing to get engaged, cons are IMHO that we can end up promising more than we can achieve so a balance is needed here).

That said, without further ado… here comes the doodle

Deadline to select availability in the doodle is Sunday, the 8th March.