Markdown plugin

We do have a Markdown plugin if you ever need it.

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Yes, I checked it out, but the markdown parser that is used by the plugin has not been updated for more than a year now.

Besides, except for short posts, it is more convenient for me to write offline than compose my blog posts directly on the website.

The Markdown plugin did get an update in May. So it is an actively maintained, good plugin. @azurecurve can comment on the parser version.

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I’ve taken a look at what update is required and neither of the libraries used have had a new release since December 2019. Is your objection that the library itself hasn’t been updated?

For the record, my Markdown plugin is not a markdown editor, but allows markdown to be used in posts and rendered as HTML when a post is viewed.

Not really. I was browsing through the plugins, selecting those I might need and trying them out. I’m still building my site, and so I only have time for cursory examinations. The markdown plugin was something I might need — it was not critical for me because, as I said, I prefer to write offline — and when I saw that the parser was a bit outdated, then the plugin was crossed off my list. Didn’t think much beyond that.

If the plugin is that important to me, then I would have asked about it in this forum :grinning:

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