Marketing Meeting: January 17, 2021

Thanks all for your votes. Looks like everyone is available on 2021-01-17T18:00:00Z so we will have the meeting in Slack at that time.

I look forward to seeing you all there! This meeting is open to the ClassicPress community as a whole so even if you didn’t respond to the poll, please feel free to attend the meeting if you are interested in doing so.

So far the two topics for the agenda are the discussion on Google Ad Grants and our tagline. Are there any other agenda suggestions?

Thank you!


Great opportunity to test the new bookmarking feature in the forums :wink:


Content strategy for 2021.

Should we plan to present CP by appearing in podcasts, and/or on niche blogs?

The idea is: it’s good that CP has a blog and various platforms like the forum and social media. But it’s CP speaking about CP and the feeling I have is that people might not discover us because really there is no one else talking about CP.
I think that having community members talking about CP from their platforms is a very good step we developed in 2020 (go to GitHub. Last year this time there were very few accounts developing for CP or mentioning it or just having a fork of something CP related laying around on their repo list).
Fact is I am not able to see “outsiders” mentioning CP.
Every year there’s flocks of people writing dreaded list posts on “the CMSs to check out in xxx” or “the 10 CMSs I recommend in xxx”… Or “xx forks worth mentioning”.
These people maybe know about CP, but don’t talk about it.
I think the huge marketing win would be having an idea on how to bring outsiders (people who use WP and people who don’t know/use WP) to talk about CP from their platforms freely, without that sort of “only WP exists” shadow.
Would this be feasible just with organic reach?
Would this need a bigger resources investment?
What does the community feel about that? Is it an attainable goal?

I must admit I have the idea, and not the solution.


Why aren’t we mentioned in sites like this?

There is no need for someone to be a CP community member to mention CP… But very few people aknowledge CP. For the rest of the pond it’s like we don’t exist.

Last year I met only one person on twitter admitting they were aware of CP and that they decided to use something else.

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Most if not all the alternatives he listed are affiliate promotion :wink:


That’s exactly what it is. Most people don’t know about ClassicPress. That’s one of the reasons I originally suggested Google Ads grant, to help increase awareness.


We can add this to the agenda. We’ve definitely talked about trying to get on podcasts/blogs before but there has been little interest in doing the work in order to get on those blogs/podcasts. This discussion will be focused mostly on strategy, but at the end of the day, all of this comes down to people need to be willing to do the work to make things happen.

I’d be happy to add this to the agenda as well, to hear everyone’s thoughts on how to get “outsiders” talking about CP… I think it’s a difficult ask of people who don’t use CP because you have to be of a particular mindset and users of a particular platform tend to be pretty skewed toward talking about their solution as the “best” solution, but that’s my opinion and I could be wrong. Happy to discuss further at the meeting.


Export of the meeting, thanks to everyone who attended :slight_smile:


Thank you for doing this, Wade!


Just to confirm, I’ve checked all sites such as Softaculous, Installatron, Litespeed etc. and nothing needs to be changed re new tagline, so they can be crossed off the list.


Citing this in case it is needed for followup.

@wadestriebel does this need to go into its own post?


It will get followed up via GitHub @omukiguy but it’s a good catch.