Marketing or Adoption Forum?

It would be useful to have a marketing or adoption forum.

I have questions such as “when hosting services (such as Dreamhost) might offer One-Click ClassicPress installation?”

Or “How can I promote ClassicPress?”

Hi @mark.ciotola, we do have this already, but it is a bit “tucked away” under the “Team Discussions” section of the main categories page.

Here’s the direct link:

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I chatted with a Dreamhost rep and they said they couldn’t tell me when/if they might offer a One-Click ClassicPress installation.

This is something we’re continuing to work on, but not a lot of details to share yet.

If you are affiliated with a hosting provider or control panel and want to get ClassicPress listed as an option for users, we’d love that! Probably the best way to get that conversation started is to email [email protected].

I would also suggest posting this site to all the WP support forums, Divi forums, Beaver Builder, Gravity Forms, Yoast, All In One SEO, and so on. I suspect alot of people will learn of ClassicPress as a result of Gutenberg issues or looking for alternatives so I would want to reach out to developers first. Go Daddy, Blue Host, Dream Host and so on will be more likely to respond when more developers are using ClassicPress and then more clients will have it. Just my humble two cents.

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Ever since I began protesting Gutenberg, all of my posts or replies to get flagged for moderation (no matter how benign) and never get released.

However, I have contacted Dreamhost about this a few months ago (I am their customer), and I will do so again. They might be afraid of alienating WP, but I am willing to switch hosts for a one-click ClassicPress install.

Although I work on some fairly complicated WP systems, I also have a lot of smaller niche blogs and sites, that come and go, and one click is a lot faster and quite sufficient for those.

I’ll post on LinkedIn as well.

I posted comments critical of Gutenberg on a popular Gutenberg FB group and was attacked verbally by a local woman (coincidence or not?) who said my views were not substantiated and just fear mongering. When I checked to see who she was I could see that she worked for Automattic and was a Gutenberg “evangelist.” Locally she heads up all the WP events and all the local WP meetups (except mine of course). I sent links to her showing Yoast’s comments and those of other WordPress celebrities and she kept removing my comments or going after me until I finally blocked her and left the group.

Admittedly, I am not the brilliant programmer and developer that many here are and I try to always show them respect for that; but I’m pretty good at marketing. So…(for me, personally) I’d put ads on FB (very affordable) promoting ClassicPress as the stable WP alternative for those who can’t afford to play around or don’t want to “support corporate” changes to WordPress as it tries to become more competitive with Wix/Weebly/Squarespace/Vistaprint and so on.

I’d also build a ClassicPress plugin repository of plugins that are known to work with ClassicPress, and talk to those developers about maintaining one for ClassicPress as they try to play catch up with Gutenberg. Locally you could create a meetup group for “WordPress Help” and promote ClassicPress on that and so on. If you make ClassicPress visible as the alternative that’s easy to use and has plugins just like WP - WP users will want to switch so they can keep doing the same thing and getting the same results.Maybe you could even sponsor a WordCamp (since it’s paid).


You won’t find any censorship here, even if you bad mouth ClassicPress!

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I’ve only got positive things to say and if there was anything negative to say it would be to report something - maybe in the right forum, maybe not, I don’t know yet. Anyway, my main point was to state what I had experienced as something similar. I’d been to WordCamps before in other states and hosted many WP meetups through WP and been to many other WP meetups hosted by others and never seen anyone go after someone like that - so just showing empathy. I have a local small town meetup and will definitely tell everyone about ClassicPress and continue to learn more about what you guys have here and trying to do what I can to support and encourage its use.

@voltaire I saw one of your Facebooks advertisements. (But I didn’t click on it in case that cost you $). Nice work!

I don’t have any Facebook ads, unless you mean comments or rhetorical “dumb blonde” questions. Got plenty of those. And I’m only using that expression because someone else on the forum used it previously.

I thought I saw that somebody was advertising ClassicPress on Facebook. I will take screenshot if I see that sponsored post again.

If someone is doing it, good for them. The market is there, it’s needed, and it gets the word out. That’s not the approach they wanted to take, though, and it’s not my place here (or elsewhere) to do things people don’t want.

I think there is a market on Facebook that can be advertised to regarding CP, and I think if someone is selling a migration service they would likely do really well using Facebook Ads.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Of course, it should go without saying. Facebook reaches 2 billion per day, so why people don’t advertise on it to reach objectives I don’t know.