Meet the Community: James Nylen


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The Basics ClassicPress forums username: james ClassicPress Slack handle: @James Nylen Social media handles: Website: Tell us about yourself — occupation, hobbies, etc. I have enjoyed working with software and technology for as long as I can remember. As an occupation I write and maintain websites and other kinds of software for several…


Love these – thanks for doing this!


Yes, really interesting to get some background material on the people here. Raises all sorts of questions, like: “What does James play on his guitar?”


Kudos @james! I appreciate your perspective on software development.


Great introduction. James certainly helped me


Two people are absolutely crucial to this project: Scott Bowler and James Nylen. I think they support what is hardest. Fabian Wolf has the class. But without a good core development team leader, CP can not survive. Until now, he has fulfilled his tasks extraordinary well.