Meet the Community: Lesley Jones

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Our assorted zoo, which at the moment comprises 11 cats (mostly rescues from Eastern Europe), 6 rescued ferrets (who have the run of their own room), 2 llamas and 4 Golden Guernsey goats. We have had more – up to 18 cats at one time, 17 ferrets, a rescued pig, ex-battery hens and a fully grown green iguana (who also had her own room converted into a giant vivarium).


The more of these spotlights we do the more I realize how diverse a group we have involved with ClassicPress. It is amazing to get to know everyone that little bit more! :slight_smile:


I like how when you find out some more about them, their usernames makes so much more sense.

Zooey… :grin: … now I know it rhymes with “zoo”.


Anyone who calls one of her animals after Eddie Izzard is fine with me!


Yes! I kept hearing it in my head as Zoh-ee …


And here I thought we had a lot of animals (4 cats)…

As I’ve said before (or at least I’ve thought it to myself multiple times) I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers to the “done fast / done cheap / done well” question.

Four paint tins and a roll of garden fleece — That was the equipment needed to take the photograph above. Obviously that wasn’t everything…
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I see my own mentality reflected in this example. “What do we have to do in order to do a really good job with this, even if it takes a little longer or costs more?”


4 cats would seem like an empty house here. It must have been over thirty years since I last had less than ten :laughing: