Meet the Community: Tim Kaye

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ClassicPress Slack Handle: Tim Kaye ClassicPress Forum Handle: timkaye Social media handles: I’m on LinkedIn, but otherwise I don’t do social media: I’m on the web enough as it is, and so much of social media is just nasty. Website: Where in the world are you located? I’m British, but I live in Florida,…


I often read Tim’s posts here and in Slack with increased attention. Meaningful thoughts, always balanced and rational) And besides, his posts definitely expand my english vocabulary :slight_smile: Oh, and latin!


Lovely dog Tim. :slight_smile: :dog2:

And I particularly like this comment:

You’re asking a lawyer to do something cheap?!

How much did you charge for writing that post? :rofl:

Good article. You’re obviously a very driven and accomplished person. Now, when you’ve finished sorting things out in the US, there’s a few things back in the UK that could do with some serious attention. When you get a mo.


Thank you, @norske and @1stepforward! :grinning: