Membership sites and the GPL

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Where can we learn more about your experience managing a large codebase, such as a custom version of ClassicPress? I noticed your site’s membership rules were not inline with the GPL, so, all this gives me pause.

If you’re asking me then I don’t have any. Site rules GPL?

I was, thanks. :slight_smile: Yes, your membership rules go against the GPL; from here:

Your second and third rules are incompatible with the GPL.

Really? How so?
If someone writes something and offers access to it through a membership, can that person not declare whatever rule(s) he or she see fit?

If not, that’s bad.

Reading the full GPL text will save you a lot of headaches later. It’s a good idea to have a solid understanding before you go diving in with the GPL.

Not with GPL code, no. You can charge for it and place rules on it…but nobody has to abide by them. The license specifically states that anyone can use it, reuse it, modify it, resell it, share it, etc, etc. You can’t place any limitations on it. If you’re writing code for a GPL platform (ie, CP/WP) then your code is GPL by default, save for any proprietary images and documentation, et al.

This is actually what makes the GPL so good.

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Okay. That’s really bad in my opinion. That means people cannot protect their work.

I missed one thing (sorry). I do know about GPL and its overall meaning and what not. I did not know about the part that you just explained when paid for.

No worries. We’re all entitled to an opinion. :slight_smile: The GPL is clear, though – we’re unable to restrict end-users in any way.

This is why you often see dev-shops offering free stuff (ie, plugins) and end users can then pay for updates and support, or extra features that are not available publicly. Of course, the end user could still do whatever they want with any premium code they get.

Alright. Good to know. I’m reading through the entire thing tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to answer and for getting engaged. Appreciate it.


No problem at all.

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@snippetfactory - is there any reason your first 2 items on the membership page are charged in Euro, but the 3rd is in dollars?


Crap :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it now. It’s all EURO.


Good. Made your pricing look sort of random. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, agree. Thanks again.

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