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While I understand the thinking behind the 2-steps of firstly making a page, then secondly adding it to a menu, I have found my clients didn’t expect 2 steps and using the ‘Menus’ area for them is very confusing.

How about a feature that upon making a new page, or editing an existing page, there is a menu palette in the right-hand-side of the classicpress admin interface, allowing choice of menu, with ability to assign the order of the current page in the menu.

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Author: Darryl

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At this time, we don’t plan to make any major changes to the menus or the edit page. This petition will be closed. This could make a nice plugin.

I don’t think a plugin is needed.
Core contains what is needed already.
The editor sidebar has the menu order. It could have a better explanatory label.

The menu page has the checkbox to automatically add pages to the menu. It could be on by default. (The default fallback menu is all pages, which is not a menu you can see, but generated where needed.)

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That’s a good point. I personally prefer manual control over everything and don’t use automatic option. I’ll create an issue on GitHub to improve label.

Would it be super difficult to add a check box “add to Menu” with a pulldown to select the specific menu that you want add the page to?

Yes, it would be duplicating the logic of the Menu screen, with the additional problem of the page perhaps not created yet.

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