Merge jQuery Manager for WordPress

Let users control which version of jQuery and/or jQuery Migrate they want to use (on the front-end). Also, let them turn on/off jQuery and/or jQuery Migrate.

I have made a plugin which does this, and only on the front-end, the backend and the customizer is not affected, see link:

This plugin is an open source project, everybody is welcome to contribute (code).

Read-only archive:

Author: Remzi Cavdar

Vote count: 3

Status: open


Since work is underway to migrate to jQuery 3 by backporting WordPress changes, it sounds like the petition no longer applies. If I’m mistaken, please do let me know and I will open it again.

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With or without works for jQuery update underway this shouldn’t be put in core imo.
Next is “control version of php in core” and then “control version of codemirror” and then whatever else scripts or libraries it requires or brings with.

It’ll be a mess because most people (not even developers sometimes) understand what it can mean to change a version. And worse to have a different one in the backend as in the front)

So I agree this can stay closed. Not because it’ll be solved by works in jquery update but because it’s not a good idea, imo)


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