Michelle Coe

I am happy to announce my intent to continue to serve on the 2020 ClassicPress Management Committee. I began my journey with ClassicPress in October of 2018 and was asked to be part of the Founding Committee within just a few weeks. It’s been a busy year! I currently have a few roles within ClassicPress:

As a Committee Member:

  • Drafted the current ClassicPress Organizational Structure, which was adopted by the Founding Committee in January 2019
  • Drafted Conflict Resolution Guidelines, also adopted by the Founding Committee in January 2019
  • Participate regularly and meaningfully on Slack and the Forums
  • Attend almost all committee meetings
  • Assist/collaborate with other team leads as needed

As Design Team Lead:

  • Expanding on the existing logo design, I created the initial ClassicPress Brand and Style Guide
  • Designed the current ClassicPress website theme
  • Provide oversight and input on matters relating to the CP brand

As Marketing Team Co-Lead:

  • Created and launched the initial marketing push for ClassicPress Version 1 and beyond
  • Crafted/edited the current ClassicPress messaging
  • Provide oversight and input on current marketing efforts (social media, blog posts)
  • Create visuals for social media posts as needed; write content as needed
  • Provide marketing support for CP releases as needed
  • Maintain CP social media presence
  • Participate in interviews and evangelize for CP on social & in person

I also serve as one of the four directors of ClassicPress Limited, tasked with ensuring the stability and longevity of the ClassicPress project.

My previous nonprofit experience includes serving in leadership roles on two boards. I also have development experience gained while working for a mid-size nonprofit organization as they established and launched their Foundation.

I own a brand strategy/web design & development firm, and the great majority of my clients have sites built with WordPress. The advent of the WP Block Editor has had a negative impact on me and my clients. I believe that with the collective skills of the ClassicPress Community, we can make a real difference for users worldwide. The next few years are critical as we move toward that goal. I look forward to continuing to serve the ClassicPress Community in 2020 and beyond.