Migrate from WP Multisite to a single ClassicPress installation


I would like to migrate an existing blog to ClassicPress. However, that existing blog is part of a multisite installation, which I would like to get rid of (as there is no more need for it).

What is the best way to migrate my installation, without creating a new multisite version of ClassicPress?

Many thanks in advance!

I’d use the WP All in One Migration plugin to do this. The following article explains how I would do the first, export stage, except that I would export to a file: Flywheel | How to extract a single site from a Multisite using All-in-one WP Migration.

Then create a new, single site, install the plugin there, and use the import feature to import the file you have just created.

Thanks for the tip! I’m afraid I’m currently not financially able to afford 319$ for the multisite extension of WP Migration.

Is there any other way to solve my problem? Would exporting my SQL databases and importing them to my ClassicPress database work without major issues?

Wow, that is expensive!

The default way to do this is described here: How to Move a Site from WordPress Multisite to Single Install.

I can’t stress enough that you should back everything up first, though, not least because this method is not terribly reliable. Good luck!

Oh yeah, I already saw that and tried it, but unfortunately the WordPress Importer is not compatible with ClassicPress, I can’t install it :frowning:

Have you tried installing the importer via FTP or your host’s File Manager?

Find the wp-importer folder within the plugins golder of your multisite and either copy it over to the same place in your new site or download it and then upload it to the new site. You should then be able to run the importer as intended.

@adastra, what I would recommend first, before migrating to ClassicPress, is to migrate your multisite WP site to a single WP. Once you have a single WP site, you can use ClassicPress migrator plugin.

Migrating from multisite to single WP isn’t hard but depends on how many network sites you have. More sites, more content, more work to migrate.

This is what I would do if it were up to me.

Recent changes to wp-importer increased the minimum WP required.

I think that would be the easiest, and it’s what the All in One Migration plugin does for you. The thing that might be tricky is the image references in content, since multisite uses a different folder structure than single site uses.
If you use the WP XML file for export/import, that only transfers content and comments, although it creates users for authors (not sure if the entire user is transferred though). It doesn’t copy any options, plugins, or themes.

Yes, but using the FTP method I described works fine. I actually tried it out before I suggested it.

That’s what I ended up doing and it worked pretty well, thanks! :slight_smile:


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