Migrate or wait...?

Hello Everyone!

After having updated to Wordpress 5.0.1 the block editor was very slow. I ended up making a clean install of Wordpress and am currently using version 5.0.2. I don’t like the block editor and find TinyMCE much more user friendly.

I’ve started thinking of migrating over to ClassicPress, but my concern is if plugins will continue to be supported for ClassicPress.

For me Wordfence and Yoast SEO are the most important. I don’t think Jetpack will be supported in the long run, so I’d probably need to find other alternatives for things like mailinglist and stats.

I know Wordpress won’t be having the Classic Editor around forever.

Hi @jean1981 and welcome!

Your best course of action is to contact the specific developers of any plugin that you’re concerned about. If plugin developers hear from more and more users, they will see there is benefit in supporting ClassicPress. Take a look at this thread if you’d like some text to use. One of our members is also curating a list of compatible plugins, so you might also check that list. Let us know how you make out! :slight_smile:

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Completely agree - without users asking for support, plugin authors don’t know there is demand. Every voice counts :slight_smile:

I’ve contact both Wordfence and Yoast through their website, so far I’ve only received a standard feedback reply from Wordfence. Should I hear something more then I’ll let you know.

I will keep a close eye on the development of ClassicPress and wish you the very best with it.


Brilliant, thank you!

Reply from Wordfence.

Thanks for reaching out!

As Wordrendw has said before, we are always listening to what people are asking for. We have had a few of our customers ask for ClassicPress support and are keeping track of the requests to see if this is viable to pursue. We currently do not have plans to officially support it though our support forums and premium support system staff will offer any assistance we regularly would as long as it was not a result of any code changes in ClassicPress from WordPress core.

​As I understand it the only part of Wordfence that is a problem is the option to “Scan core files against repository versions for changes” which obviously would have some differences. Depending on how it is developed ClassicPress may also get caught in the “Scan wp-admin and wp-includes for files not bundled with WordPress” option. Malware scans, etc should still work fine. If you install it, feel free to let us know if you do run into an issue so I can update our documentation internally. I do appreciate the constant added for plugins to use. Thats very helpful

​As I mentioned earlier, we are tracking requests for this and I have added your request to that list.