Migrated from WP 5.0.1

I just migrated from WP 5.0.1 to CP. Generally speaking, the migration plugin won’t allow you to migrate from 5.0.1 however, little hack (on the plugin) solves the problem. This is how it worked for me.

Step-1: Download the plugin and extract them on your computer within a folder.
Step 2: Open up the “admin-page.php” file (inside “lib” folder) with your editor and look for “$wp_version_max = ‘5.0.0’;” (line number 311).
Step 3: Change it to 5.0.0 to 5.0.1 and save the file. You are done with your hack part. lol
Step 4: Zip the entire plugin back and then install it as you normally would.

Rest of the process should be as usual. Everything worked right out of the box. I removed my “Classic Editor” plugin after successful migration. Hope that helps someone.

Update: This method is not recommended though. Follow the method suggested by @james below. Thank you.


This works, but generally it’s not a good idea to edit plugin code directly because the plugin may be updated later and your changes would be lost.

There is a better way to accomplish the same thing using a filter that we added to the plugin:


@james WoW, thank you very much for the heads up. I am pretty sure this would be really useful for many who mistakenly updated to 5.0 and above. :blush:

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Yes, and this has been a common question the past couple of days. I’ve also added the solution to the migration documentation page.

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Do we need to keep the migrating plugin after migration? I thought I did not need it anymore, and I deleted it :frowning:


Yes, you can delete the migration plugin after migrating. We’re talking here about which WordPress versions are currently supported for migration.


@james I migrated to CP last night well before joining the CP forum. So, I basically had no clue! Thank you once again regardless.


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