Migration and time zones

I’ve just noticed that all the sites I have migrated from WP to CP now have the time zone reset to UTC +0. I have to go in and change them all to my zone.

Is this expected behaviour? It would be more useful if it could keep the current set time zone.


My sites stayed on the correct time zone.

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I will have to do some testing, but I don’t think I have seen this either.

Will do some testing this weekend to see :slight_smile:


I just checked through all the sites I migrated over Wade. Of the 15 there were 12 that reverted back to UTC +0 and 3 that kept their correct time zone. So it’s a weird thing that may be something at my end… (no idea what!). I can’t see anything I’ve done differently in those three.


I just ran a test on 4.9.9 and 5.0.3 and both times the timezones didn’t revert back to UTC +0.

What version of WP were you migrating from?

Hmm… I think from memory some were 5.0.1 and some were 5.0.2. Maybe one or two were 5.0.3? Not much help sorry. I expect it is just something localised. But thanks for checking.

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No worries, happy to at least test it and make sure it isn’t a bug :slight_smile:

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