Migration Plugin supports up to WP 6.0.2

When will the migration plugin be updated to switch from WP versions above 6.0.2?

Hey Ray,

Migration plugin should support 6.0.2. That’s the maximum version set in the API that migration plugin checks:

Are you having any issues?

Yes, it does support 6.0.2. I need it to support 6.0.3.

Hi Ray,

There has been an update in place for three weeks but it had very little testing done. It seems fine to me and based on your request I’ve updated the API such that 6.0.3 migrations should now be enabled.

For future reference, you can choose to bypass and update from any WordPress version with this line of code added to a plugin or your Themes functions.php file:

add_filter( 'classicpress_ignore_wp_version', '__return_true' );

Please let us know if you encounter any issues migrating from 6.0.3 and also if you do test from any unsupported versions and it all works well (so we can update the API sooner) at the API repository here:


Works perfectly, thanks!


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