Migration Problems

I was just registering
From the Croatian I am an Englishman not a stronger party
so I use google translate
Here I am from a fake site
It’s been very long like this
and no change

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In English, this message is “Unpacking the update…”

This step in the process should be very quick, so it looks like you may have an error on your server. Do you know how to look at the log of PHP errors?

Who is your hosting provider for this website?

Na engleskom je ova poruka “Unpacking the update…”

Ovaj korak u postupku trebao bi biti vrlo brz, pa izgleda da možda imate pogrešku na svom poslužitelju. Znate li kako pogledati zapisnik pogrešaka PHP-a?

Tko je vaš davatelj usluge hostinga za ovu web stranicu?

The server is ProFreeHost
Wordpress is loaded with the autoinstaller softaculous
the migration plugin is unreliable
I’m a big risk
it takes a little longer to wait
maybe wordpress give up from gutenberg
a lot of negative criticisms

Not going to happen :slightly_smiling_face:

Suggest you continue to work with James and the other team members to help you with upgrading.

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It looks like this is a problem with ProFreeHost.

Good next steps would be to look in your PHP error log and contact the host for support.

I repeat
It’s all my risk
Wordpress is still working with disable gutenberg plugin
will serve the purpose until 2021
and then who lives who is dead
ClassicPress can wait a few mounth
Until she is safe

I have had the same issue with the migration plugin not working on GoDaddy shared Linux hosting. I simply used FTP to convert so I haven’t looked into any settings that may be blocking the migration, however I have considered that a bit of intercorporate quid pro quo is possible.

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