Minimal theme for ClassicPress + Elementor Pro


Hi, I prefer using minimal themes + Elementor Pro theme builder functions with ClassicPress.
I have tried GeneratePress and WP-Astra lightweight themes but they have lots of unnecessary options.
I have tried Elementor’s Hello theme, but there is a defect when using a left orinted picture in text block.
I found underscores (_s) the best minimal theme, and there is an option to create your own minimal theme with name and folder name too.

I suggest to do something similar solution like _s theme creator integrated in

What do you think about it?

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Never heard of underscores - that’s really cool.

Personally my stack is always GP Pro and Elementor Pro. Lean and just enough options for us non-coders :wink:




Understrap is another starter option.




An optionless minimal theme is coming soon. I say optionless since all the customization options are contained in a companion plugin rather than clutter up the theme itself.

I’ve not tested it with Elementor but since you’ve mentioned it I’ll make sure to test before release. However it does contain a blank canvas templates specifically for page/landing builders.

I was hoping to put the theme out tomorrow but have to delay it for a few more days in order to tweak a few things.



I understand the desire for simplicity, but, theme options really do belong in the theme. Notice I’m saying options not functionality. :wink: Also, consider that moving clutter from one place to another isn’t really cleaning anything up… it’s really just making two things that you have to maintain independently. Just my .02. :slight_smile:

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@CodePotent I would tend to agree if the options are basic yes. In this instance and probably for most of my future themes I intended to utilize the Kirki framework to do the heavy lifting but the framework is kinda too heavy to be in a theme.

Most of the options are borderline or totally functionality so it would be best handle via a dedicated plugin. Couple that with extending the base theme via child themes I won’t have to handle options across all of then and instead to it all in one package :slight_smile:

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Waiting for that theme :slight_smile:



Well… susty works pretty well, too. Its directly based on _s, and besides the rather unusual menu / navigation implementation (which can be replaced quickly, anyway), its very very solid and satisfiying to use as a starter theme.

My main starter theme before always has been _s, but for the last 3 - 4 custom themes I’ve been using susty, and probably gonna make it my main starter theme :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.