Missing Language

I solved 500 mistake
Manually install ftp client
I installed CP beta 2 on localhost (xampp) from the beginning
and now you have a new problem
Beta 2 has no support for my language Croatia, ie English
(I do not know if it still supports eastern european letters - cron … UTF-8 unicode)
Another reason to wait with CPress
beta 1 has support for all languages as well as WP
beta 2 does not

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Could you tell us a couple of more details?

What language seems to be missing?
Are there any other languages in the Site Language dropdown?

We need a little more information to help.

Additionally, have you looked at the support forums to see if there are any similar threads that have been resolved?
This one comes to mind: CP auf deutsch?

CP beta 2 is the same core as WP 4.9.9. So if you have problems with ClassicPress you will have the same problems with WordPress. Happy to try to help, if you really want help, but it looks like you really just want to complain. Go to general settings and select what language you want from the available drop down list> Click save. That will load the the files. Select the language again, now from the Installed list at the top and click save again.


Beta 1 multilingual

Beta 2 several languages

both versions installed on localhost XAMPP

ClassicPress beta1 is using the WordPress language packs. Even though lots of languages are available, none of them are fully translated because they don’t include strings that ClassicPress has added or changed.

In beta 2 we are focusing on the 10 most common non-English languages for full translation.

@mte90 is the localization team lead and he can explain more about this.

I’m sorry then
The reason I give up CP and stay on wordpress

with wordpress i do not have such problems
because it is completely localized in my language

At wordpress I have at least 3 years of classic editor
or disable Gutenberg add-ons
For 3 years he may not be a gutenberg
or leave us plugins

good bye

Thanks for trying ClassicPress!


We chosen to start with 11 locales that have more of 2% of installation of wordpress as written in:

We need to setup the infrastructure and see also the process so for us is difficult now to start with all the locales that we want on it (like yours).
Yes we want to support the same locales of WP to simplify the migration but we cannot do it right now but is on our plan.
Also for every locale we need a reviewer of the strings and without it we cannot add a new locale. So if you are interested on it let me know and I will add you in our list. We will give priority to the locales that are not the first 11 where we have people available :slight_smile:


Related: https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/pull/265#issuecomment-450203704

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big always beat small
because of the ideal dying of fools

I’m sorry I do not know any of the languages offered on CP
Whitout google translator I can’t read your comments
and without translate I can not even write here in the forum

Quote at the beginning I could not write well
even with the help of a translator

I can use CPress and stay on the beta1 version that is lying on the Croatian language
or wordpresas and use classic editor or disable gutenberg plugins.

Maybe WP before giving up Gutenberg
but Classicpress introduces multilingualism

I understand, but we don’t have the resources (people) to add more languages right now.

When we do add more languages, we’ll look at requests from our users. So, thanks for letting us know that ClassicPress in Croatian would be helpful to you.

I noticed something else
when beta1 is updated to beta 2
the Croatian language remains
and “hr” is added in the installed languages
like on the picture
whether it’s good
or it is only temporary
or whether it will remain on the next upgrades


There is a bug right now https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues/319

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