"Must Have" Plugins List

Don’t know, whether they are “must have”, but I find them very very useful:

  • a sorting plugin (e.g. ‘Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order’)
  • a plugin for better media management (e.g. ‘Enhanced Media Library’)
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Overall, media management is at a very rudimentary stage in the WordPress. I can’t understand why instead of fixing this area the tsar decided to play with “Lego blocks” as he described it.

Fixing Media Management should be one of the main targets in CP v2 or CP v3. Even with several plugins you can’t have reasonable setup, there is something wrong in the very core. The big discussion about it still waiting.

But we should wait CP v2 at first.


Thanks wjar… not sure about the sorting plugin. I guess if it’s something that would stand in the way of you deciding to migrate to CP then it could be considered a must-have.

The better media management thing is something that has a petition already and will possibly be addressed in a later version (but it looks like it will be a difficult one). You could add your vote and comments here:


Thank you for the hint, I voted for the petition.

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Thanks. I’ve included this in under “Role/access management plugin”. Looks like a powerful and useful plugin.

Just to keep everyone posted. Had a further response from MainWP today as follows:

We are just too busy with the v4 version so we can’t get this testing done, so my best guess is that we will be able to provide more info after the v4 release.

Obviously a very busy time for them. I’m not sure when v4 is due for release but at time of writing, it’s on beta 3.


Thanks @1stepforward

As a general point, can I remind everyone that, when it comes to plugin developers supporting ClassicPress… the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If you have a plugin that you consider an essential part of your life then please tell the developer… often.


I have removed Rankmathseo from the wiki list as they are no longer supporting CP at all, and the plugin now doesn’t work with CP.


As mentioned in this post, I’ve had major reservations about RankMath for a long time so this doesn’t surprise me. Still, it is disappointing. Thanks for keeping us posted.

I would just like to comment on MainWP. They have previously said that they would carry out testing on CP once version 4 is released (currently on RC1). I’ve got v4 installed on CP and have been able to update plugins on both CP and WP sites and can also update the WP core - but obviously not the CP core yet. So I’m hopeful that MainWP are on board.

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@1stepforward has now developed an SEO plugin for CP, still in the testing stage. Details here: ClassicPress SEO experimental plugin now available for testing & feedback

Please check it out and provide feedback.


Can I remind everyone that the first post in this thread is a wiki. Please check the categories of must-have plugins that have been listed and, if you know of a plugin that is doing the job for you with ClassicPress, then it would be really helpful if you could list it down as an available option. Thanks!

The key used is:

:white_check_mark: A solid option that should be good for the long term. Either built for ClassicPress or the plugin developer has made a definite commitment to maintain CP compatibility.

:ballot_box_with_check: A good option where the developer seems interested in supporting CP.

:question: Nothing definite yet but possible working options can be noted. This can change at any time, so if it stops working please add that too.


About spam protection plugin: I might start work on my own take on this in the nearby future, as there seem to be no decent alternatives to eg. Akismet. Anti-Spam Bee is just for comments, but not for (contact) forms - and I’d really like to have something to route contact forms through, which works as good and reliable as beforementioned Akismet.

cu, w0lf.


I didn’t know the exact technology, but the spam protection functionality of WP Cerber works flawlessly, on any form I tried. And they still compatible with CP.


Subject: Forms plugin…

I’ve been trying Fluent Forms which currently requires WordPress 4.5 minimum (so is fine for ClassicPress), and it’s capable and lightweight. Great drag and drop editor with multiple-column containers, easier to use than Caldera.

Link to free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fluentform/

They currently have a half price Black Friday lifetime unlimited sites deal for the pro version ($199 instead of $399) which I couldn’t resist, and the pro version is even better. Conditional fields, uploads, third party integrations, etc etc. Payment integrations due in the next quarter. Active Facebook group.

Link in case it’s of interest: https://wpmanageninja.com/fluentform-deal/

I have reached out to them with a support ticket asking if they plan to support WordPress 4.9 in the long term (I explained about ClassicPress). I’ll let you know what the response is.


Thanks @LinasSimonis and @anon95694377 - have added both those to the wiki.

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The import/export features of DesktopServer are specifically designed for WordPress sites. While I use Duplicator plugin for import into my DesktopServer-created local development environment, I suppose I can get by with something new.

DesktopServer supports for import: “BackupBuddy, Duplicator, BackWP Up, BackUp WordPress, InfiniteWP, ManageWP & BlogVault”

I don’t see any of those on the list.

I did want to check on the Direct Deploy to live feature of DesktopServer. I’m sure it is supported in CP but it never hurts to double-check, right? To use DirectDeploy requires host support of PHP File System Direct which is used primarily to “update WP, install plugins or install themes without having to provide FTP or SSH credentials.” I realize this must be supported by hosts but doesn’t WP core code also have to be written in such a manner to allow? I assume that as we can update etc now, that this aspect of CP won’t be changed and that I’m likely asking a silly question. Oh well. Won’t be the first or last time.

I simply do not want to lose my ability to use the features I rely on in the premium version of DesktopServer, which I have relied upon since 2014. I’m not quite sure how to go over those features here without loading up the forum with unnecessary verbiage.

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Fluent Forms doesn’t seem to have any payment processing integrations; maybe because they have a separate form product for that? (WPPayForm Pro)

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Due in the next quarter according to their Facebook group admin. You won’t need to use the other plugin.


Just had a response from WPManageNinja, makers of the Fluent Forms plugin:

“The dev team confirmed they will continue the support for ClassicPress always.”

Result :slight_smile: