"Must Have" Plugins List

This is a wiki post to list the general types of plugin that users feel they would absolutely require in order to use CP. That is, plugins that people see as deal-breakers. We can then add good, CP-friendly options as they become available.


:white_check_mark: Security plugin BulletProofSecurity , GD Security Toolbox Pro and Shield are all supporting CP.

:question: eCommerce plugin hopefully we will be getting ClassicCommerce (our fork of WooCommerce) for this one

:white_check_mark: Advanced editor plugin WYSIWYG Advanced is built for ClassicPress by @codepotent.

:question: Pagebuilder plugin - [Elementor have already stated they do not support CP.]

:question: Forum plugin -

:question: Contact form plugin -

:question: Caching plugin -

:question: Litespeed caching plugin - [essential for those using Litespeed]

:white_check_mark: SEO plugin GD SEO Toolbox Pro definitely supports CP. There are also a couple of petitions to add basic SEO features to the core: 1) Allow editing of page title and meta description; 2) Auto XML sitemap generation.

:ballot_box_with_check::grey_question: Image slider plugin - MetaSlider have stated they will investigate any problems with future CP versions.

:question: Professional photo gallery plugin - [eg NextGen, Envira]

:question: Cookie notice / GDPR plugin -

:question: Redirects plugin -

:question: Role/access management plugin - [e.g. Members by Justin Tadlock, Advanced Access Management]

:white_check_mark: Backup Plugin - Akeeba Backup have announced they will supporting CP and said “We’re in for the long ride”.

:ballot_box_with_check::grey_question: Remote management plugin - InfiniteWP have tested CP and confirmed that everything works (except we can’t use it to update the CP core). They have said they’ll “definitely consider adding full support for ClassicPress in the near future” if there is enough demand. MainWP have confirmed that they will look into CP integration and intend to carry out testing on CP installs.

:white_check_mark: 2-factor authentication plugin - MiniOrange have said they will be testing with all future ClassicPress releases.

:white_check_mark: Post/Page duplicator plugin We now have Carbon-copy by @codepotent made especially for ClassicPress

:question: Spamblocker plugin -

:question: Subscriber email notification - see this discussion Email subscribers and Notification

:question: SMTP plugin - there is a petition to add this to core - https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/163/smtp-integration-settings-as-core-plugin

:question: Advanced Custom Fields -

:white_check_mark: Migration plugin - All-in-one WP Migration have committed to supporting CP.

:question: Forms plugin - [e.g. Gravity Forms]

:question: Ad management plugin -

:question: Rich snippets plugin -

:question: Reviews plugin -

:question: Newsletter subscription plugin - [e.g. Mailchimp]

:question: Events calendar plugin -

:question: Regenerate thumbnails plugin -


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How about acf?

Yes, that a very popular one. I’ve added that in. :+1:

Gravity Forms

I’ll reach out to the next two to see where they stand on supporting CP
All in One WP Migration
All in One WP Security

All in One WP Migration says:

Yes, we will support ClassicPress.
Do you have a plugin repository of some kind that I need to upload the plugin to?


That’s good news Michelle. I’ve added them to the list as a definite. Did you reply to their question to say that a repository upload is not necessary yet?


I told him we were working on a directory for v2 and I’d keep him updated – and he replied “perfect – thank you!”
These guys are really great and have always been responsive anytime I’ve had a need. I’m super happy to have their support.


Great! It’s a top class plugin.


There’s no entry for “Forms plugin” in the main list at the top of this thread (though @BlueSkyPhoenix did mention GravityForms).

I think a high quality forms plugin is essential for a business CMS.

Until recently my vote would have been for Caldera Forms but they seem to have dropped the ball - recent updates have caused a lot of JavaScript problems, some still unresolved in the current version.

So this entry is open for suggestions - has anyone been in touch with a forms plugin provider about ClassicPress?

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Yes, good point. That’s certainly an important one and I have added it. Hopefully we can find a suitable candidate.

Some quick thoughts:

Regenerate Thumbnails
Litespeed cache
MainWP remote management - I’m running this on CP to manage all my installations
Forms - Gravity Forms?
Ads / Adsense / monetization
Rich snippets
Events calendar
Learning Management System (e.g. LearnDash)
Photo management system (e.g. Envira)

I think e-commerce needs a separate “must have plugins” page.

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I’ve been in touch with MainWP. Their response is:

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, we are fully focused on the MainWP system redesign. Once we finish that, we can look into CP integration. Before that, I can’t give you more accurate information.

I personally run MainWP on CP and I regularly update plugins on both CP and WP installations. It works well at present.


Thanks for checking. I use InfiniteWP that also works well, and they told me much the same thing.

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Had a further response from MainWP today:

This week we will be running some tests with CP installs so we can see how everything works so far. Please allow us a bit more time.

That’s quite encouraging.


Don’t know, whether they are “must have”, but I find them very very useful:

  • a sorting plugin (e.g. ‘Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order’)
  • a plugin for better media management (e.g. ‘Enhanced Media Library’)
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Overall, media management is at a very rudimentary stage in the WordPress. I can’t understand why instead of fixing this area the tsar decided to play with “Lego blocks” as he described it.

Fixing Media Management should be one of the main targets in CP v2 or CP v3. Even with several plugins you can’t have reasonable setup, there is something wrong in the very core. The big discussion about it still waiting.

But we should wait CP v2 at first.


Thanks wjar… not sure about the sorting plugin. I guess if it’s something that would stand in the way of you deciding to migrate to CP then it could be considered a must-have.

The better media management thing is something that has a petition already and will possibly be addressed in a later version (but it looks like it will be a difficult one). You could add your vote and comments here:


Thank you for the hint, I voted for the petition.

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