Subscribe2 for ClassicPress 11.1 released

Subscribe2 for ClassicPress

(This notification is a little late as I’m new to the forum :wave: :grinning:)
This is a fork of Subscribe2 that I authored for many years. I’ve created a version specific for ClassicPress now. Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for WordPress blogs that sends email notifications to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog.


  • Update jQuery UI CSS library for pop up form to latest version
  • Move translation template file to /languages sub-folder
  • Simplify translation code to locate mo files in /languages folder, admin translation supported from WordPress 4.7
  • Update i18n text domain name for this fork
  • Fixed duplicated responses in Pop Up (Ajax) subscriber form


Download the zip to manually install.


I’d love to hear about any issues you find and I’ll try to get them fixed.


Nice work! Added it to my list: "Must Have" Plugins List