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Subscriber email notification

AlertMe! – Automatic Post Update Notifications to Subscribers - email subscribers when a page/post is updated - uses a small subscription form that can be inserted globally or per-page - i have not asked the dev about supporting CP

Lightweight Subscribe To Comments - subscribe to be notified of all new comments - i have not asked the dev about supporting CP

@classyMan Welcome to the forum.

I use this plugin on one of my sites and it works very well.

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@classyMan I am going to use these as test for the Works With plugins on the new directory :slight_smile:

Edit: listed on the directory under the dropdown for Works With CP

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hey @wadestriebel - you can remove Subscribe to Category from the list - the developer updated it and it requires WP v5.0 min.

i didn’t see a way to edit my post, so perhaps you can remove it there too


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Thanks for telling us about these plugins, and for the update!

Click the three dots next to your post, and then there should be a pencil icon that allows you to edit the content.

negative - probably not available 'cause i’m new 'round these parts

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OK no problem, I’ve removed “Subscribe to Category” from your post.

We are also looking at listing WP plugins that have only certain versions compatible with WP 4.9 and therefore ClassicPress, but that will come later.