Email subscribers and Notification

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the plugin Email subscribers and Notification that you have as working in V1, dosn’t look like they are going to support classicpress.

I messenged them on facebook as I was interested in their starter plan at a special low price, as I currently looking for a plugin like this either free or a small nominal price, and the response was this :

*"Malay Ladu At this moment, there is no plan to support Classicpress. *

Did you check “Classic Editor” WordPress plugin which remove block editor and add the classic editor with the latest version of WordPress?

So the search goes on, and told them this as well that i wont be purchasing from them.


Hi @spanner44 and welcome to the forums. Thanks for making the effort to contact the developer. It’s especially good that you got back to them and told them you won’t be buying their product now.

For me, the standard response to someone suggesting the Classic Editor is to point out that it is just a temporary fix and you want something that will see you out in the long term.

If you do find something, please let us know and I’ll add it to the “must-have” plugin list.

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Many thanks, I have just updated my site, was nervous as it is quite large, but I didn’t want to sit on the fence for too long, as it was obvious I wasn’t going to continue with Wordpress.

So now, just either replacing or changing plugins that will hopefully be long term so I haven’t got to change in the future.

Starting with Jetpack, as I can’t wait to ditch this, as I only have a few modules activated, but struggling to find a plugin that emails subscribers when a new post goes up. I have over 2000 subscribers, although not sure how many are actually active, so don’t really want to go down mailchimp direction quite yet, as the price will add up.

I have seen quite a few in the plugins directory, such as subscribe 2 etc, but there are quite a few that have not been updated for several versions of wordpress so I am having to tread carefully here

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Yes, I’d definitely be looking to ditch Jetpack as your first move. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll add this to the “must-have” plugins list and we’ll see if anyone has any ideas.

Maybe @Code_Potent or @azurecurve will write one for you! :wink: :grin:

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I also have a need for this functionality, although it’s still a ways down my to-do list.


But if it’s on your to-do list that’s very promising news! :+1:


Welcome @spanner44 to the community!

I have moved your post and the replies to a new thread so we can continue the conversation here :slight_smile:

I agree, this is a great way to let developers know what users are wanting and are willing to pay for plugins that support ClassicPress.

2 Likes - it sounds like you are getting close to some of the limits here. - eventually limited to 100 emails per day for free, but their prices look pretty reasonable for your use case (comparable to a shared hosting plan and cheaper than Mailchimp).

If I were setting this up on ClassicPress today, I would probably use to get WordPress able to send its default emails through Sendgrid. Then I would look into a plugin like this to get the subscriptions working (I do not know their stance on ClassicPress compatibility, but we’re also not planning to change any mail-related functionality in the core software):

(The thinking behind plugging together a couple of pieces like this: you probably want something that works with WordPress’s built-in wp_mail function, and then you can separately get this part working how you need it to, rather than a plugin that tries to do all of the related tasks at once.)

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Then just dont. There are quite a few different options besides Mailchimp. One I’ve been using several times in the recent past is SendinBlue - they have an excellent API (I’ve built a few custom plugins for clients using it), and have been GDPR-compliant even BEFORE that law became active (ie. their data-protection and privacy compliance is extremely fine), and aside of that, have rather modest pricing :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.

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I’d suggest Subscribe2 plugin, mostly as it supports subscribe to categories.

I found Tribulant Newsletters is very customizable and very reasonable priced. Despite developer waits for greater CP usage and didn’t support us for now, our requests may change it. And he didn’t jumped to the blocks playfield, this is a plus. For now, it works in CP1, and works well. You can install a free version and test before purchasing a pro. And pease, ask developer to support CP.


Thanks for the replies, I have now started using Subscribe2 for the moment. It doesn’t work perfectly, as my server keeps giving a timeout when it tries and sends so many emails but I can live with it for now.

I did notice though when I was downloading it, that on the latest update they have added gutenburg stuff to it, so it would be really good if someone could make a plugin like this without the extra stuff in it that we obviously don’t need.

Sounds like they need to make better use of the wp-cron system to queue large numbers of emails.

It depends on what problem you’re seeing exactly, but another potential cause for this could be your hosting provider’s mail server, in which case changing to Sendgrid or similar as I explained above would help.

A little trick, if you get Sendgrid via Google Cloud you get their old free plan that included 12,000 emails a month with no daily limit.


hi @Code_Potent - if you ever decide to write a subscribe plug, here’s some potential ideas…

  • no reliance on 3rd parties (fonts, libs)
  • allow per post/page notifications so readers can be informed when specific content is updated, or per category, or global
  • double opt-in, no CAPTCHA
  • available for non-registered users (no need to create an account, password)
  • subscriber management back-end (import, export, add, delete)
  • subscriber management page to update, delete subscription
  • dynamically generated pages were applicable (confirmation, front-end manage, etc.)

All plugin suggestions should come with a list like this!

I ended up using Lightweight Subscribe to Comments with some modifications. However, as I only received 1 subscriber in an entire year (thanks, @wadestriebel,) I’ve subsequently stopped blogging, turned off comments, and removed the plugin. It seems unlikely I’ll revisit this functionality. :slight_smile: