My experience with using classic press

Salut à tous!

I installed classicpress today. I like the idea a lot because with wordpress everything is changing every day and i prefer a simple CMS that is stable and just works like always, not a new CMS every month. That is why i say thank you for having created classicpress. But classicpress does not work with plugins that are in wordpress. I don’t understand why you don’t remove the wordpress plugins and create a new plugins page for classicpress, it makes more sense. I can help with the creation of new plugins, maybe copy old plugins and making the changes for the new classicpress.


Hi. Thanks for trying out ClassicPress.

Because ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress 4.9, most WP plugins that are still marked to work with WP 4.9 or lower will work on ClassicPress. You just have to find them in the WP plugins directory. The same can be said for most themes.

Also, some plugins and themes are being made to be compatible w/ both CP and WP.

CP does have its own plugin directory, though it’s still in development, and it can be found in You can also search this forum for some recommended plugins.

For now, the best you can do is to find the mix of CP and WP plugins that works for you.


I’m not a developer, and so I can’t give an answer about developing plugins for CP :grinning:


Yeah what you are describing is exactly this problem.

Anyway, most of those plugins will work anyway, even if it states they are not compatible. And in the case they don’t work, it’s just minor things that can be fixed easily.

In my opinion, a new and independent plugin directory (even with way less plugins) is the only solution to that problem and for ClassicPress to keep making sense.