My experimental "Homage to ClassicPress" site

For the past few days I have been working towards setting up a “Homage to ClassicPress site”.

The site focuses on three parts- installation, configuration and (hopefully soon) images gallery. This began as a series of notes and screenshots captured since 2019 when I was first introduced to ClassicPress. With some help from generative AI tools for images, some code snippets, I have published about 18 blog posts so far, with a heavy focus on different methods to install, including lighttpd server and caddy, as well as setting up a test site on SaaS projects like TasteWp and then using the migration plugin.

Caveat- some information might be dated, some approaches might be deprecated or even plain impractical. Would appreciate in case you notice any oddities.

Originally the theme was a highly customized WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, but today I came across the modified generatepress theme in these forums (thanks graham)and decided to give it a try. Current focus is on content and not “look and feel” apologies for any quirks.

One last point - the feature or some inline images: I was setting up a blog on painting /art styles from India for my wife, and then I thought, why not let AI imaging do its bit and give us some nice feature images? You may see the product of that experiment on the blog.


Great work! I’ll book mark your site and come back to it when I’ve got some time to read it properly!

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On a related note, I am working on a Starter theme options pages and theme files to make ClassicPress themes with.Starter theme options pages and theme files to make ClassicPress themes with. Feel free to reference this in any articles if you wish.