My point of view

Because artists can have their own opinions on technical matters.


Nice stuff!


Hello @Marialena.S. Welcome to ClassicPress!

Your article clearly outlines the frustration people feel with the new G editor in WordPress.

We are not far behind you! As an agency, I have decided WP 5.5 is enough. I have schedule in the complete rebuild for our agency website in CP.

I have been watching Gutenberg from Day-One, when it was first introduced back in the summer of 2017 (lots of articles on my blog about that one). I haven’t liked it from day-one, and still don’t. I see no value in it for our clients, or anything that helps them - other than to make life more difficult. I will never adopt the Gutenberg editor, nor force my clients to use it.

I’ll drop over to your blog and say Hi! :slight_smile:

On Chrome desktop, your entire article is in bold text - let me know if you need a hand to find the extra tag or closing tag needed.



I use a Chromium browser and Pale Moon too that is a Firefox browser and I don’t see anything in bold letters other than a few sentences that I made in purpose in bold.
Just in case I switched the post on the text mode and it doesn’t have anything that indicates that is all in bold letters.

Perhaps it looks like bold because I made the letters slightly larger ( at 12 pt) in order to be easier to read.

I saw it :slight_smile: and I have already replied to you!

It looks like this for me in Brave (Chrome-based) and also Chrome and Edge. I found it very hard to read the text.

I don’t think there’s anything technically wrong with the site. No missing closing tags or anything.

I think it’s simply the font that is being used which is Impact.

Impact is probably a pretty good font for headers, but I would pick something else for body text. The font that’s being used in the comments (regular sans-serif font stack) looks pretty good to me.

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I changed it with Tahoma.
It is strange though that nobody told me anything about how the text looked like on Chrome. This post is published for a whole year… :cold_sweat:

Anyway… I think that it will be readable now.

Thank you for the help … and if you notice anything else don’t hesitate to say it. :slight_smile:

It’s also in Firefox too Marialena. That’s just down to the font unfortunately. But I’m happy to say the Tahoma looks much better now. :+1:t3:

It’s a good read anyway, regardless of font. But just a couple of other suggestions if I may…

  1. Perhaps the first ‘here’ link should link to the Get ClassicPress page (i.e. instead of the home page?

  2. In the paragraph “So … to conclude. If you are fed up, sick and tired and your nerves are already broken with the new wordpress editor, do yourself a favour to switch back to what you knew how to use and trusted.”, maybe you could link to the new “10 reasons to switch” page ( which may give added weight to your argument.

That’s all. Hope it’s helpful.


OK… thanks for the suggestions. I’ll change them.

English btw is not my native language so if something looks odd or a bit exotic to you the native English speakers, feel free to suggest something that might look more normal to you. I will not take your suggestions personally! lol Don’t worry!!

A lot of people have already read this blog post. It is quite popular but I can’t tell if those who read this post are the usual visitors of my website or freaked out WP users. You see I don’t use any analytics other than awstats because the purpose of my website is to show my artworks to those who are interested in art and not to unrelated with art people.

But that doesn’t mean that I should not have a well made post about Classic Press. :slight_smile:

ETA: Can someone post a screenshot of this post to see how it looks like with the Tahoma?
I don’t know how it happened to switch the text on the Impact fonts but I can’t switch it back to the Open Sans that is the default website’s fonts. Not that it matters that much if a blog post has a slightly different text font. I just want it to be readable.


Did you know that my website is the only website that runs Classic Press in Greece?


I am not seeing the font showing as Tahoma, but the default Open Sans. I think the issue is more your size and colour:

font-size 14pt
color #000000

font-size 17px
color #333

I have changed it for the first paragraph of the screenshot:

The problem was not in this post but the other post about Classic Press.
The default fonts of the website are Open Sans at 15pt

Edit to Add. Px is diferent from pt. The first is pixels the other points that is the printing way of sizing fonts. But it is easier for me to use points as I used to work as a graphic designer as well and I can imagine how they look like.

The problem with the fonts was not visible on all browsers. Just on chrome and edge. But I use Iron and Pale Moon.

Gotcha. Didn’t realize you used a different font just for that post.

Using black text is hard on the eyes and makes everything look bold. Just changing the colour to #333 will help a lot.