My thoughts on governance and beyond

I can understand the diatribes, the problems, the jealousies, but I don’t understand the fact of making a valid project “die”.
We got to the point of saying there is guy ok I’m not staying here.
The community is finding that the project goes on and grows but sees two things:

  1. the communication that runs at 300 per hour
  2. governance running at 2 per hour (a turtle is faster)

Now instead of wasting time saying let’s leave, let’s decide, we’ll see you should say ok let’s take note of the situation we are not able to manage all the aspects by ourselves we create the dev groups for themes, plugins, for tests, for marketing, for etc etc etc always under governance control by giving them the complete management of that aspect in this way the project goes on grows a more flourishing community is created, at the same time in the governance from 3 current enter another 10 people (it is an example) who are responsible of the various sections.

In the final let’s stop doing and saying “I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I don’t want to be there because they said or did” and instead let’s start saying “let’s roll up our sleeves and work for the good of CP, accept the proposals and make them happen” but I repeat from the proposal to the idea given, months must not pass, like the request for presentation of the BeCp project which was born to give help from the Cp project and is still stopped because it has not been discussed.
If you do not know how to manage an organization, a company no one makes you a fault or a drama, well let those who are able in this way will benefit from the entire open and non-open project.

I agree on this, fact is the ones that have now control were not presesent to help people make things happen.

This lead to people discussing things to be done, doing what they could and then stalling.

That is why this leadership change is important. We hope the new leadership can be more present and do its job of leading.

On decentralizing and involving more people on the leadership panel, I agree also. Beda proposed exactly this and this lead to opening the discussion about leadership we are in as present.

It is also true that some people are fighting the change. But I think this is a resource and not a problem, the more opinions and ideas the more healty the community is. In a democracy the majority wins, this might not seem a fair decisional process but at least is a way to make decisions instead of stalling.


You are not saying anything new. Please let’s stop indirectly attacking people and adding fire to the situation.

2 of the 3 current directors (the majority) have stated a very clear announcement, which is reasonable.

If you want to make a proposal, make it and be clear about it.

For everything else, let’s wait for the date they decided, I’m sure that clear proposals will happen.

The ClassicPress project won’t die. Don’t panic.


ClassicPress is not going to die. New directors of the ClassicPress Initiative nonprofit will be installed, and steps will be taken to facilitate faster development, including decentralization. There is a process that has to be gone through, though, so there needs to be a little time allowed to get that done


Because we are in the middle of a fundamental change I am closing this thread. Please give us until the 25th to see what interest there is and come up with a plan as outlined in the announcement.