My year with ClassicPress

I joined the CP community at Christmas last year and looking back over 2019 I am astounded at how far I have progressed with my learning. Some time in 2018 I’d decided I really needed to know more about the inner workings of WordPress and I bought a book to study. Then Gutenberg hit and I realised that WP was moving away from me so fast I would probably never keep up. The book was thrown in the corner.

When I discovered CP it seemed like the perfect solution - a stable platform based on the “good old” WP, plus a friendly, helpful community that gave me encouragement and support to learn and try new things. In the past 12 months these are just some of my achievements.

  • Developed my own theme framework based on GeneratePress. This includes a child theme package that has lots of stuff I regularly use on sites - hero image, various layout options, a contact form, sliders, colorbox gallery, fork awesome, etc. I was already using GP on about half my sites, but this year I converted them all to use my own theme.

  • Wrote my first plugin. This is a utility plugin that is now installed on every site I manage. It primarily hides stuff the user doesn’t need to see, but I am regularly adding in other bits of code for extra small enhancements. I also recently made a personal fork of an email logging plugin to record every email sent by CP. Both of these can be updated via Code Potent’s Update Manager.

  • Cracked GitHub! (well, sort of :pensive: ) I can at least now submit a Pull Request and I’ve been regularly contributing to the Classic Commerce project. I was so pleased with this one that I wrote a tutorial:

There’s a lot more smaller stuff I better understand - custom post types, functions and using hooks and filters, the template file structure and how to over-ride it, and so on.

So, to the entire CP community… here’s hoping 2020 is a successful year, both for the CP project and for each of you personally. And thank you, one and all.


Thank you for being spending 2019 with us!


Nice write-up. :slight_smile: Suggestion Re Git: Daniel Shiffman, a really cool faculty member – crazy guy – has a series of YouTube vids called The Coding Train. There is a group that takes you from an intro to Git to practical usage both local and syncing to GitHub. I kid you not – these are the best Git tutorials I have ever experienced in my life. All that is dense becomes clear, while you are also laughing with and at him.

Here’s a link to the first one: Introduction – Git and GitHub for Poets

Best watched when you are slightly tired. He’ll energize you like a darn jumping bunny. He has 6.1K likes for a good reason.

Anyway, that’s my endorsement of him and it still feels like it’s not enough. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll check those out. I really had trouble finding something that was down at my level (rock bottom).

Edit. Just watched the first one. That man has had way too much caffeine!


Wishing you even more success and learning for 2020! And let’s keep chatting about GitHub, I still think your tutorial is a great starting point for explaining in more detail to others :wink:


I know! He’s absolutely brilliant and nuts! He explains complex concepts in a way that awed me. He also speaks what most of us keep private… the chatter in our brain. It’s hilarious When I first encountered him, I thought he was simply cuckoo… lol… but the more you watch, the more you realize, this guy has articulation skills like no other. I wish he would do some React tutorials!!! Keep me posted on what you think…