New Classic Commerce site

Just completing a CC site, if anybody can lend a hand with error checking. (or other helpful suggestions)
Know errors
http:// font link in head (looking for that now)
Add to cat button disappears on hover (not good)

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I can’t believe Christmas is already around the corner! Awesome that you built this on ClassicPress and Classic Commerce. I took it for a spin and have some points of feedback. :slight_smile:

  • Love, love, love the stencil-y font for this application.

  • On the homepage, I like the different typography. It could benefit from some whitespace between the text and image elements.

  • The nav bar could use some tweaks. I’d make it make it 2x taller and remove the “tabs” look of it… and instead color the whole background of the active item (full height of bar). Or, if you wanted to keep the tabs look, maybe remove the red background on the bar to make is seem a bit airier…though, in that case, I’d still make the tabs bigger and more padded.

  • The drop-down menus don’t match the design. Mostly, it’s the rounded corners…but, the background color could also use some cheering up. The background color of the mobile menu is different than this one…and perhaps a bit severe. I’d find a more integrated color and use for both menu backgrounds.

  • The Countdown to Christmas widget counters are a bit too close together and could benefit from a bit of whitespace between the counters. The way they flew into place didn’t feel like a benefit.

  • In the footer, you have Returns, Refunds, and Complaints. The capitalization doesn’t match the other menus here and it’s too long (wide). I’d recommend chopping it a bit to Returns, Refunds & Complaints [or simply] Returns / Refunds / Complaints. Or, better yet, Returns / Refunds / Support.

  • The blue bar at the bottom for the cookies note… the texts are not on the actual buttons…unless you hover the button…then the text jumps onto it.

  • The contact form page is rendering a raw shortcode instead of a contact form.

  • The “Like us on Facebook” widget requests a like on Facebook without providing a link to your Facebook.

  • On the example letters, it just says “Dear” and then goes right into the letter. Maybe add in a line for clarity that a name will be going there, like, “Dear _________________,” …and finish off each example with “Love, Santa” to be clear that the letter won’t be coming from some random elf provided by a temp agency. :wink:

Overall,… pretty cool site! :+1: For the most part, I’d put a little more work into the navigation bar and menu …and fluff everything out with some whitespace to improve the aesthetic.

Disclaimer: I’m not a designer and my feelings won’t be hurt if you toss these suggestions in the bin. :wink:

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Thank you for the feed back.
Re your disclaimer. I’m not a designer either so takes lots of iterations to get things looking even half right
Re contact us I usually use CF7 on WP sites but does not work on this, so will install an alternative
I’l edit footer menu
FaceBook link added
Unly just added cookie notice css problem
Drop down in main menu is only for me to find pages without placing an order each time now removed
I’ll change complaint to “support” in footer menu

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Letter texts edited as per suggestion

I’m getting a blocked Google font:

Mixed Content: The page at ‘’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Also you might want to read this:

I think you need to be looking at 16px font.

Yes I mentioned font problem in opening post. Once I find what is adding link in header I will change it to to https

I wasn’t talking about this. I meant the overall body text font-size. For me it is too small and hard to read.

I have increased body and menu font by 2px is that any better?

I am seeing 15px now (so increase of 1px).

The trick is don’t use px for font size.
If you use html {font-size: 100%} then whatever the user has chosen in the browser settings will be the base font size. From there, use em and don’t change much, since the browser has good defaults.


I have swapped many of font sizes in to a % hopefully they are the right size now. I still have a few to do.

Regarding layout and fields on the product pages I have added filters and actions into the child theme’s function file. Is that where they should be or have I erred on the nominal location.

Previously custom emails to customer etc I put in a folder called emails in a folder woocommerce in the child theme is that the correct place for them?

If I edit templates>cart>cart-shipping.php
Where do I save, so I can use, my edited version, and not have it over written in an update

That’s one way to do it and works fine. The only problem is that you are getting plugin and theme functionality all jumbled together, so if you ever change your theme you will need to sort that out. I prefer to use a small plugin for CC mods. There are more details here with a sample you can download.

That will work, and it will also work if you put them into a folder called classic-commerce.

But, again, you can also add these through a plugin to keep everthing separate from the theme…

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It appears I have some reading to do :slight_smile:

If you put that into themes/yourtheme/classic-commerce/cart/cart-shipping.php it won’t be over-written on update.

Yes, but very easy to read. :blush:

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Ok I’ll put there. That puts it in the theme folder. Previous advice was use a plugin :slight_smile:
Client happy so site now live :grinning:

I’ll move “functions” stuff to a plugin and see how I go from there.
Thank you for the very quick response

You can do either. The theme option is prob simpler.

Thank you for using CC. :+1:

If any one has kiddies and wants a “Santa” letter use discount code cp2020 to get letters for €5 + €1.95 p&p
Link to the site


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Progress report.
In case anyone is curious how the site is doing. Running reasonably well so far with well over 200 orders.
Occasional glitches only,
Order confirmation emails not always sent. (I am assuming this, as if I change order to pending and then back to processing the site resends and customer then gets the email)
Occasional non acceptance of coupon codes, does happen but in most instances it is likely to be due to customer error. I.e order two letters on one order but with one incorrect code when customer tries again code won’t be accepted. Possibly due to a cache

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