New Here, Just Saying Hello!

Hello Everyone,

I first have to confess that I haven’t started using ClassicPress over Wordpress yet but only because I just found out about it earlier today. I am, however, very excited to get going with it.

I just wanted to introduce myself and give a quick history of who I am. I started developing websites back before CSS even existed (I’m an old fart now at 39, almost 40). I started using Wordpress very early on, I want to say around version 2.0, or maybe even a little earlier at around version

After becoming familiar with Wordpress. I spent multiple years developing on the platform, all the way up to around version 4.1.8. I was one of the first Plugin developers to release a Facebook Open Graph plugin, it was called the “Open Graph Protocol” and I released it under the name “BizzyLabs”.

But I made a massive mistake by overworking myself (16+ hour days, 7 days a week for multiple years with no breaks) and I became burnt-out, demotivated and wound up leaving Web Development for quite a few years (6-8 years). However, like all good passions, the programming bug has started to return in recent months. Side Note: I did kind of keep up over the years with major Wordpress announcements and with programming but haven’t focused on it full-time.

Needless to say I came back to find a whole new era of Wordpress with this thing called Gutenberg and the concept of Blocks. At first I thought ohh cool I can see the potential in this new tech but after digging into the code, trying to create a block, looking at the new themes, I quickly found myself feeling very overwhelmed and wondered why they added such a large amount of complexity to the Wordpress back-end. Wordpress used to be easy to understand, now it just feels needlessly complex.

That is a harsh critisism because on one hand I’m experienced enough to understand why they did it, it makes it easier for non-coders to make changes to there sites, it can be easier for the average joe but it comes at the cost of the back-end developer having to learn all the new complexities and well I’m lazy so I started Googling “Will Wordpress Continue to Support Classic Themes” and that search lead me to discover ClassicPress.

After a quick look around I’m like “AHHH now this feels like Home”, this is the stuff I remember. I’m very happy there are people out in the world who loved the Pre-Gutenberg version of Wordpress as much as I do so I look forward to becoming an active member of the community and I can get back to developing plugins and themes the way I remember.

I’ll stop rambling for now and just leave off by saying Hello, everyone, I’m Adam, sorry for the long post :smile:



Welcome to us. Don’t think it’s necessary, but if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.
And personally, I am extremely pleased that we have a newcomer with coding skills, which we urgently need at the moment in order to continue to guarantee a usable plugin/theme infrastructure.

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Welcome. You should also join ClassicPress Slack. On the main site you can find the invite link to join.
Every week there’s a core meeting in the channel dedicated to core in slack, it’s a good way to keep tabs on what’s happening with CP.
As others have said, if you have questions just ask.

Welcome, Adam. Glad you were able to find ClassicPress. Let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome “Home”! Your backstory is like mine, I used WordPress starting at 1.5.2 and have written and contributed code to plugins and core over the years. I even have a plugin with a Block and GB menu implemented but I share your feelings overall that Development for WordPress is no long in the scope of the passionate enthusiast anymore - it’s all about making money now.

ClassicPress retains (or tries to) the days when WordPress was more accessible to all developers of any skill or background. If you have time drop in on Slack and maybe join the weekly development meet up at 1600UTC each Thursday.