New Live Programming show :)

As I dont know where to place this exactly, I thought I’d drop this in here :slight_smile:

Since last week, there is a Live Programming show of mine called “Code of Dark Joy” :slight_smile:

Aside of digging into how to build different layouts and elements of OBS using HTML / CSS / JS, it is also going to feature a free Q & A part, specifically asking for questions about WordPressm ClassicPress and WooCommerce (ie. the stuff I work with on my day job). Additionally, I might add CP / WP-related projects, eg. building the channel website - specifically a basic HTML to Theme - and so on.

In my first test run … nothing did work out as expected :smiley: :sweat_smile: - but at the end of the show I was able to successfully provide a live editing walk-through to the “current song” display I use in my music shows (Black’N’Deather and Rumbustion).

For more information, there is:

a) the introductionary blog post @ (German version available, too)
b) a small (but growing) namespace in my wiki with an extensive brainstorming “what to do” list
c) my Twitch channel - but really, for information, the links beforehand are much more helpful :slight_smile:


“Code of Dark Joy” sounds like my evil twin or something.

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Its a pun / spoof on the song “Cup of Brown Joy” by Professor Elemental. I was searching for something nice related to dark / black tea, which I consume a lot, and is kind of “that thing”. Eg. People ask me if I didnt have my first cuppa tea yet, if I act strangely or wozzy on the phone etc.

Obviously, during programming, I drink it a lot, too. I also intend to build something like a virtual teacup measurement display specifically for the show (a teacam would be cool, but I don’t reheat once brewed, so that’d be kinda … fancy, but very inefficient). So whenever I get up to fetch a cup, and come back, the count is - manually - raised by one. But could be a “tea cup recognition” algo for all I know :smiley:

cu, w0lf.