New theme: FeatherLite

The initial release of my latest theme for ClassicPress is now ready to be taken for a test drive.

The theme is called FeatherLite and can be downloaded from GitHub with a basic demo available here

Any issues and/or feedback are welcome on the GitHub repo.


That’s a nice looking one. I like simple. :slight_smile:


Me too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems a clean theme. I have left some comments and screen shots on github as requested


Thank you for the feedback and screenshots. Should all be fixed now (I hope :smile: )

Did you up date the site? The content margins are good now but the menu is still left and the download button right

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Yes the site has been update with the latest theme now

I think I need a bigger monitor for testing :smile:

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Try Ctrl and - has a similar effect to a bigger screen. Ctrl + is good for when I have forgotten my Glasses :grin:


OK that saved me a few quids :joy::slightly_smiling_face:

I think I’ve got that bug squashed now. Will update GitHub later today on confirmation.

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Great, I’m playing with FeatherLite and like it very much.

LightHouse told me that I have room to make disasters :sweat_smile:
Now it has some basic demo content, ClassicSEO, and it’s a bit tweaked by an utility plugin.

The only problem is that, when I activate FeatherLite Controls, I loose some remove_action/add_action.

Great work!
Thank you!


Awesome. Thank you for the feedback.

Let me know which ones please so I can take a look to see where I might be doing it wrong and hopefully put it right.

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Here a snippet to test. But maybe I’m doing something wrong when configuring things in featherlite-control.

It also would be nice to have a hook to handle featured image! :slight_smile:


 * -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Plugin Name: twk
 * Description: Utility plugin for tweaks
 * Version: 0.0.1

namespace xxsimoxx\twk;

defined( 'ABSPATH' ) || exit;

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', __NAMESPACE__ . '\featherlite' );

function featherlite(){
	// rewrite primary_navigation to add aria-label to the menu button DOES NOT WORK
	remove_action( 'featherlite_header', 'featherlite_primary_navigation', 10);
	add_action( 'featherlite_header', __NAMESPACE__ . '\new_featherlite_primary_navigation', 10 );

	// remove footer WORKS
	remove_action( 'featherlite_footer', 'featherlite_footer_content', 20);

function new_featherlite_primary_navigation() {
	if ( has_nav_menu( 'primary' ) ) { ?>
		<nav id="primary-navigation" class="main-navigation">
			<button class="menu-toggle" aria-controls="primary-menu" aria-expanded="false" title="toggle">
				<div class="bar1"></div>
				<div class="bar2"></div>
				<div class="bar3"></div> PIPPO <!-- Just here to see if it works -->
			<?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'primary', 'menu_id' => 'primary-menu' ) ); ?>
	<?php }




Thank you for the test code. Just tested it with Featherlite Controls active and it seems to do what was intended

The featured image is handled by the function featherlite_post_thumbnail which is hooked to the single_post_render action hook for single posts.

The summary uses the featherlite_summary_thumbnails hooked to featherlite_posts action.

Or have I misunderstood this part?


very beautiful theme, congratulations!


Thank you @alexandrealmeida :slight_smile:

If there are any issues or something that would make it better please feel free to reach out with a report and/or suggestion(s).