New to the Community, Saying Hi!

Hey, everyone. I’m fairly new to having discovered ClassicPress — it’s been less than a month — but I absolutely love the idea of a WordPress without the block editor stuff. I’ve been a WordPress user since around 2005, and have released numerous code snippets and a plugin (OpenHook) to the community, though once WordPress started to make it clear that they didn’t really care about encouraging customization via code editing (theme files, custom plugins) and instead wanted more and more of a site to be handled by blocks, I kinda lost interest in maintaining it.

Since coming to ClassicPress, I’ve noticed that my test site I set up is faster than a default WordPress has been in quite some time, and seeing the classic post editor is such a joy.

I kinda dove right in over on the ClassicPress GitHub page, already managing to get a pull request accepted and a feature request acted on. I’m an amateur GitHubber (sorry my Pull Request was rocky!), but I love tinkering with things and helping out where I can.

I look forward to great things from ClassicPress, and I look forward to being a part of its community!


Welcome, Rick!

That’s always good to hear, and something we hear a lot after users switch :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll need to do some proper testing to see how performant CP core is compared to WP core.

We welcome and appreciate any help with core development. That’s probably the biggest thing we need help with. The bigger the core team, the more we can do and faster for the community :zap:


I can’t promise I’ll be a lot of help — I’m very out of date on PHP (I’ve never looked into what’s possible with 7 and 8, for example), and thanks to getting burned out dealing with Gutenberg, I let my website and tinkering hobbies fall by the wayside almost entirely. The past couple weeks of looking at ClassicPress has rejuvenated a whole hobby for me!