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@David_Waumsley we will take a look at the link, I think the default restriction for new users is only 1 link per post but we will see take a look and see.

Re Facebook, do you recall what error occurred?

cc @james

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I just attempted to sign up with Facebook and everything seemed okay:


Bookkeeping note: previously, new users were not allowed to post links in their first few posts, but this has been relaxed a bit. Some restrictions remain in place to guard against spam, using the general scheme described here:

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Hi @wadestriebel. It was the one link in my case, but I think someone mention edit could be due to being my first post. Sounds sensible to me.

Sorry I can’t remember what the error was, but unless I misread It seemed to be saying the system was not connected to Facebook.

Has to be said I am a complete kluts when it comes to using forums. Too much time in Facebook groups!

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@wadestriebel Excellent. Probably just me. I am in India were there is a certain level of blocking going on.

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