News about CP in 2022

Hello. Can someone shed some light on the development of ClassicPress? What’s new? Plugins? One of the main questions of my readers is this.

I think some of the biggest news is that we have a stable and active Plugin Review Team, there is a Plugin now that lets you get CP plugins into your Dashboard (just has been released), a new Governance is being drafted to make things easier/more productive in future, we do have several CP Themes meanwhile ( with several I mean a handful, but it is more than before, and they actively support CP), we have a 1k-members-strong FB group (started as an Italian Group but it kind of became MultiLingual), there are folks planning a CP “version” of (read: CP Hosting), and development is as active as it gets with the resources we have.

I think that is about the major news of 2022 until now.


Where can I find this plugin please? I would love to test.

You can find last plugin releases in Plugin Release - ClassicPress Forums and also browse the directory at
It’s the “cp directory integration” plugin.

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someone should write a blog post or two

I installed it and found it very good. In the plugin that tests ClassicPress for compatibility with Google’s Site Kit, when trying to install, I get a white screen. It must be because of some other plugin in my theme. I’m going to write an article about it and I’ll post the link here. I’m having trouble adding Adsense to my site. Any help?
I think the official blog is out of date. If you wish I can contribute, with posts.

Those are a couple issues in one sentence :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes to blog writing.

Can you create specific threads in the relevant forums about the other 2 topics?

@Logger I messaged you about blogging in CP.

@joyously, about " someone should write a blog post or two", I agree, *someone needs to come forward and do it.
I will see if we can work with Logger, but I think it does not hurt if we have more than one blog collaborator.

I used to blog at CP blog, however I can’t do all together - in fact my own mind is not able to focus on blogging and coding and work at the same time. This, and the fact that in past the topics to blog about where just missing, made me step back from the blogging at CP.

Perhaps you can help?