News themes


I have a news website in wordpress.

Currently, the biggest obstacle to using Classicpress for my important websites is that the main news themes, such as Soledad, Jnews, Newspaper, Jannah, are not compatible with Classicpress.

Do you know of a professional news theme compatible with Classicpress?


Try the themes from ThemezHut like Awaken or HitMag, they work very well. Remember to edit the function.php file of the theme to remove the html support (that causes a warning for deprecation) and have a child theme with the corrected function.php (what is in the child theme takes precendence, you make the child theme, you have to put a functions.php and a style.css at minimum so you copy the function.php, correct it and use it for the child theme, then you can also apply styles as you need to it on the styles.css file if the “basic” styles need a little tweaking. That way the parent theme will update and not overwrite your correction to function.php)

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