I run the following site… It uses a THEME called “Newspaper”, which allows me to do a LOT of things I wouldn’t be able to do with the “normal” themes… their site is here… I don’t want to install the ALPHA of CP on this site until it’s reasonably to expect it will work… does anyone else use this theme, and have you installed CP ALPHA on the site yet? Any problems?

Hi Dick, I cannot say that I have experience with the Newspaper theme, but given the fact that it receives regular updates, I don’t think you’d have any problems switching to ClassicPress on that site.

Of course, we strongly suggest not to use the alpha version of ClassicPress on a production site.

But if you would want to try things out, then you can perhaps use a staging server? Also keep in mind that migrating to ClassicPress only swaps out the core files, it does not touch any files in the wp-content folder, nor does it touch the wp-config.php file or the .htaccess file. Lastly the migration does not touch the database either.

So in short, if your site runs on WP 4.9.8 you can expect that it too runs on CP 1.0.0-alpha.

Hope that helps.


Cool, thanks for the reply; I tend to agree with you, especially since I’m running ALPHA on with NO problems at all (thus far). I think I’ll probably wait until the RC, though, for the site…

I would not expect any issues here.

However, I’d suggest to test sooner rather than later, as Pieter said using a staging or development copy of the main site. If you don’t have that set up yet, you need to copy the WP files and database.

The files are easy: just copy everything, including wp-config.php, wp-includes, wp-content, wp-admin, everything over to a separate folder that’s hosted at another domain or subdomain.

There are various solutions to help copy and modify the database (automatically update site URLs etc). is one of these.

This testing is really helpful for us too: if there are issues with this theme, the most likely way for us to find them is someone like you testing and reporting problems, and that should happen as soon as possible to make sure we can address them properly.

I just don’t have the time (I run 6 websites for musicians) to do it on a test site… ergo, I think I’ll wait until the RC goes live… I AM running it on my LIVE/production site at, and will certainly let you know if I have any problems with that… so far, everything is great on that site, with NO glitches!

I have a few paid themes. Not Newspaper, but I haven’t seen any issues so far with any of the themes I use.

Thanks, Louis… appreciate the feedback!

This is up to you of course, but I would definitely recommend having a development environment and backups for any site that’s important to you. It’s all too easy to break these sites with a mis-click or a bad plugin.

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James - OK, I’m going to run a test instance of my main site; I found a plugin called " All-in-One WP Migration", that allowed me to simply run a backup from the live site, then restore it to the test site/DB I created… &, of course I will run all my tests on the test site. Here’s my question, though… would something like that work for the manual update required for Beta version? I’m just not sure from the instruction sheet at how to go about the manual upgrade to Beta once it’s released???

Hi Dick,

For your existing site running the ClassicPress alpha release: When the beta version comes out in a few days, you’ll need to follow the steps under the “Updating ClassicPress manually” section on that page. I’m not aware of a way to use a migration plugin to do this - you need a program that can copy files to and from your server instead.

If you are still having problems with this after the beta version comes out, please make a new post in the Support section of this forum, and we will help you out there.

For sites that are on WordPress and haven’t been migrated to ClassicPress yet: After the beta release comes out, you’ll be able to use our migration plugin and you’ll get a version of ClassicPress that has working auto-updates.

Now THAT brings up a big question for me. Wouldn’t it be better to just NOT put the ALPHA on my site and just wait for the BETA?

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If you prefer not to manually install the beta, yes in my opinion.

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I have not tested it yet, but I am guessing ClassicPress would work fine with the Extra theme made by, which also makes Divi. Since Divi seems to be just fine on two of my sites running ClassicPress it seems that Extra should also work just fine…and that is a newspaper style theme if you haven’t seen it yet. My experience has been (from clients) that ThemeForest themes vary depending on who built it and can be time-consuming to install or wonky at times - and some clients say they bought their theme and never got instructions. So I just switched to Divi or Extra and use one of the other (with ClassicPress of course).

Update: I’m testing ClassicPress on the ElegantThemes Extra newspaper-style theme now and it seems fine. I’m even adding crazy layouts to each different page and it’s working just fine.

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Well my Themeforest newspaper theme seems to work perfectly in the CP beta


Dick – Read your thread here and got to thinking that you may want to check out ServerPress for the local deploy and production later. It makes life a bowl of cherries and honey. Use the blank blueprint, if you do. Sync is available. And no changing of paths needed from local to live. ServerPress handles all of that.

I am not part of their team. I am, instead, a very longtime user.

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Cool. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have my son check it out. The site is

There is also Extra:

I have several sites running it now, Dick, and it is fine with CP.